Fixed Weekend Riga

We used to organize weekend-long series of competitions for our local fixed gear scene. From minidrome competitions as the main event to drag races, criteriums and night rides! Great times!


SHE FIX on a Trip

Two years in a row we have organized cycling trips to different areas of Latvia to enjoy the summer vibes together, to challenge ourselves physically and mentally. We believe that it is very important to discover your own beautiful area before you can go and appreciate more distant places. Get to know your surroundings!

1 car, many bicycles, one road, wildlife, survival, water, skateparks…

Basic tank top

This SHE FIX basic tank top is created by riders for riders. With a strong focus on user experience (including our needs) we try to realize our clothing design ideas in comfortable and functional products. Enjoy!

Basic tank top features:

  • light, fast-drying, moisture-absorbing sports fabric (cotton touch)
  • special pattern created for girls on the move
  • easy to wash
  • sizes – Sis, Mis, Lady, XLady

Wear it sporty, casual, fancy!

Available at: contact SHE FIX
Concept / Design: SHE FIX
Produced at: MintPrint
Colors: Dark / White



We created out own SHE FIX Calendar-Notebook to be your motivator and inspirer for the whole of 2015. It would keep you up to date with some of the hottest cycling and urban sports events of the year!

Concept / Design: SHE FIX

Layouting: Hristina Šatalova

Photographers: Kaspars Alksnis, Tenis Dimants, Beāte Skvorcova, Hristina Šatalova

Printed in: Gandrs Poligrāfija

Support: Dutchbike / The Bike Collection, Ghetto Family